Pineapple at the beach

Today was a relaxing day to say the least.  Woke up late and had a relaxing day at the beach, it was beautiful.  One of the more stand out moments of the day was an old Thai man came up to me on the beach and was selling whole pineapples cut up for 30 Baht (a whole $1).  As I tend to say to often, Sold! He cut, cored and bagged the whole pineapple in under 3 min and I was left with a plastic bag overflowing with…

On the boat to go Snorkeling

Woke up early, packed up my mask & snorkel and headed out to the local 7/11 (yes that’s right Slurpee 7/11, unfortunately MINUS the Slurpees) to await pickup from the tour company. Before getting picked up I went inside and grabbed what I believe is the greatest discovery on this trip so far, ham and cheese croissants! Seriously these things are delicious and the perfect breakfast! A few minutes later a tuk tuk showed up packed with people. Oh well squeeze myself in and then we are off…

Celebrating  Australia Day

Well the last 2 days were a bit of a blur. Wake up, small breakfast, off to S.C.U.B.A. Class, lunch, more S.C.U.B.A. Classes, drag my worn out butt back to the Hostel, eat, sleep and repeat. Good news, I passed! It was long but it was a lot of fun and I got my re-certification. What can I say, Worth It! Woke up today excited and ready for the fun that will be Australia Day!

View from the Tree-house Bar

After a relaxing day yesterday I decided to head over to one of the dive training schools recommended by the hostel. It has been a few years since I have been certified and a year since I have been on a dive, so I wanted to do a S.C.U.B.A. refresher course. Safety first! After talking to the front desk I found them to be a very professional outfit so I signed up for the 2-day refresher course starting tomorrow.  Awesome, now off to explore the island a bit.

Ko Tao Rain day 2

Every once in awhile life gives you exactly what you need.  Today, was one of those days. After a week of going non-stop I just needed a day of rest and thankfully the weather was in a rare mode to oblige.  The sky had opened up and the downpour was in a word, torrential.   Across the street and down the road a bit was a great coffee shop with free WiFi.  Score!  They sold a bunch of different fresh juices, so I ordered a fresh orange juice and…

Docking in Ko Tao

I hear a few years back after the Full Moon Party, most backpackers got out of Ko Pha Ngan as fast as possible, but a lot of hostels have gotten wise to this and make you book a minimum of 3 days if you are going to be there for the party. Well today is exodus day for many backpackers. Some are heading south to Ko Samui, some back to the main land and some (like me) are heading north to the small island of Ko Tao. Ko…

Bottle Beach

Woke up yesterday hurting a little from the full moon party so I just wandered around the island.  Found a great little t-shirt shop in Tungsala and might come back and get a cool t-shirt I found before leaving the island. Got street food for dinner and headed back to the hostel to sleep. Going to the north part of the island tomorrow. Backpacker Tip: One of the most important things to remember when on a Backpacking trip is to stop, relax and have a lazy day (or…

The Full Moon Party

Full moon party day! Woke up and had breakfast at the restaurant at the Coral Bungalows and then relaxed by the pool for the day.  Very fun day all in all, got a little sun on my white ass! Headed out into town to what can be best described as a food bazaar for dinner with my 2 roommates at the hostel. Got a great meal of noodles and sat on some steps and looked over all the amazing food being sold.

Ko Samui

After a quick nap I awoke when they started to board my flight to Ko Samui. Jumped on board and an hour later I made it, finally here and it feels good. Got off the plane and this is the view. No terminal here, there is a nice tram to get me to where I can grab my backpack and head into town.

Bangkok Skyline

I was awoken from my nap about 7 hours later with a stewardess asking me a question. I was groggy and could not understand her. When I asked “what?” she spoke again and this time I know why I did not understand her, she was speaking Chinese! Lucky for me the passenger beside me was nice enough to translate, “Would I like Chicken or Beef?” Haha! I think every stewardess learns that in basic stewardess training. I wonder what that boot camp is like? I think I need…