Pineapple at the beach

Today was a relaxing day to say the least.  Woke up late and had a relaxing day at the beach, it was beautiful.  One of the more stand out moments of the day was an old Thai man came up to me on the beach and was selling whole pineapples cut up for 30 Baht (a whole $1).  As I tend to say to often, Sold! He cut, cored and bagged the whole pineapple in under 3 min and I was left with a plastic bag overflowing with…

The Full Moon Party

Full moon party day! Woke up and had breakfast at the restaurant at the Coral Bungalows and then relaxed by the pool for the day.  Very fun day all in all, got a little sun on my white ass! Headed out into town to what can be best described as a food bazaar for dinner with my 2 roommates at the hostel. Got a great meal of noodles and sat on some steps and looked over all the amazing food being sold.