10 more days and it is time to head to Brazil. Very excited.  We will be posting here pretty regular here, on our Facebook Fan Page ,Twitter as well as our Instagram .  Follow us if you would like to see all the craziness of Brazil, Brasilia and the World Cup!

Narrative Clip

Last year we saw an interesting item on Kickstarter called Memoto.  It was a small camera with built in GPS that clipped on to you and automatically snapped a shot every 5 seconds.  Billed as “A new kind of photographic memory” The Narrative Clip is “a tiny, automatic camera and app that gives you a searchable and shareable photographic memory.”  The camera is a 5 MP and no matter how you clip it on it takes a perfect horizontal pic.

It sounded amazing, so we of course help fund this project and less than a year later the product is complete and now in our hands! Because of some international naming the Memoto team changed their name to Narrative, but that does not change how amazing this little clip is.  Right out of the box we connected it to our computer to start charging.  Next we download the Uploader app to our CPU and then The Narrative app to our iPhone and we were ready.

We spent the day having it just clipped to us and forgot about it.  Ok we tried to forget about it, but it was too cool.  This thing was just snapping away and we had no idea of what.  Another cool feature is that if you double tap the front of the clip, it will take a pic for you and mark it.  At the end of the day it was fun to plug in the phone and watch the Uploader automatically download all the pics from the camera and uploaded them to the secure server and then download all of them onto the app.

You hit play and we watched our day just play before us.  A lot of fun! It worked perfectly and our goal is to travel with this at all times and share the Moments with you.  Our first trip with it will be to the World Cup in Brazil! If you would like to get one of your own head over to their website at www.getnarrative.com/

Waiting for Visa

1 week ago I went to the Brazilian visa website to find out what was needed to get a visa for the World Cup trip.  Fairly straight forward:

  1. Fill out an online form
  2. Print out a digital receipt page
  3. Paste a passport photo on the receipt page and sign it
  4. Get a $160 money order
  5. Bring proof of airline tickets

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FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil

All I can say is Oh My God…I am going to the World Cup in Brazil! Last night I checked my email and found a message from FIFA congratulating me on getting tickets! I have won the draw and get to purchase 6 pairs of tickets in Brasilia. Read More


OK this is far from what we do here at The Backpackers Journey. We are all about travel and getting people information about International Backpacking. Well it seams the last few days has turned a bit of fun we had into a responsibility to the fans of The Food Network and our man Alton Brown.  We posted the design above of our Team Alton Brown t-shirt to our twitter page to support our team.  To our surprise Mr. Brown re-tweeted it to his 300k fans and our twitter account blew up with requests for this t-shirt. With offers all over the place to buy these shirts off of us we were kinda in shock that showing our little bit of fandom would tun into this and had to figure out what to do. Read More