Getting Started

So you have made the decision to grab a pack, strap it on and travel a country or 196, Congratulations! So the big question is where do you start? Well right here!

We have all been where you are now.  At this point you are likely suffering from information overload. Searching backpacker websites, reading books, talking to other backpackers, etc. What should you bring, where should you stay, how will you get there. We promise, you will scour everywhere you can to get your hands on information, so much that you will start confusing, and yes even over preparing yourself.  This in itself is not a bad thing and most people cannot stop themselves from doing this, but first you have a larger decision to make.  This decision will allow a majority of these questions to be answered in their own time. You need to Pick your Destination.

Picking your Destination is step one in our list and it should be step one on yours.  We have broken out the basic steps you will need to prepare yourself for your journey here and in a basic order in which you can follow for ease of use.  All you need to do is start here and move your way through each task one by one in small steps and you will be on your way in no time. So lets dive right in and get started shall we? Pick your Destination