About Us

We have all been there and believe it or not, every experienced backpacker has, the first trip.  I can recall the hours after my decision to go on my first 2 month backpacking trip to South East Asia, the frantic search for information regarding the how, whats, when, and how! There are many resources I found around the web and in books but most were incomplete, sparse and very badly organized.  All the books also seemed to be written by someone who had not really backpacked and the websites were created by folks that (no disrespect here) did not fully understand how to present the information they had.

After piecing all of the information I could and setting off on my adventure and returning home I found I had not only survived but caught the backpacking bug.  After getting all the information and some small tips I was prepared for the majority of what I experienced and my overall comfort level with the trip was very high.

So first I started writing a book about this and 1/4 of the way through I thought that I might not reach all the people I wanted to in that medium.  So I got together with some web designers and some user experience folk and set out to design a comprehensive, well organized, clean site to give the users the best access to this information.  Next we decided to create videos on the 6 main steps and preparation points to your first trip.

So there you have it, we do not know where this site will go or grow for that matter but we hope to create a resource for first time backpackers and experienced ones as well.  Stop on by, take a tip, leave a tip for others.  We hope to see you on the road some time!

Richard Glenn