Going to the World Cup in Brazil!

FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil

All I can say is Oh My God…I am going to the World Cup in Brazil! Last night I checked my email and found a message from FIFA congratulating me on getting tickets! I have won the draw and get to purchase 6 pairs of tickets in Brasilia.

It looks like I will be in Brazil from around June 12th to July 14th so that is exciting in itself. All my matches are in Brasilia, the capitol of Brazil; because I chose a ticket package for that city because it has the most matches. I will have 4 pairs of tickets for the group stages, 1 pair for a round of 16 game and 1 pair for the 3rd / 4th place match. I just have to wait till December 6th for the World Cup Draw to find out what matches I will be seeing.

Honestly I am so excited it is hard to explain but the posts from Brazil should be fun and amazing. So stick around and come back often, I have a trip to plan!

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