The trip to Bangkok

Bangkok Skyline

I was awoken from my nap about 7 hours later with a stewardess asking me a question. I was groggy and could not understand her. When I asked “what?” she spoke again and this time I know why I did not understand her, she was speaking Chinese! Lucky for me the passenger beside me was nice enough to translate, “Would I like Chicken or Beef?” Haha! I think every stewardess learns that in basic stewardess training. I wonder what that boot camp is like? I think I need to learn that phrase the in every language. Afraid I ordered chicken (who can screw that up?)

Airline food #1

God only knows what I got but it was very good and I enjoyed it a lot!

A few meals later, a few cat naps and we arrived in Beijing.  Unfortunately with us taking off late it gave me just 15 minutes to get off the plane, through the gigantic airport, through security then onto my plane to Bangkok. I honestly ran through the entire airport and got to my connecting flight just as they were calling out for final boarding! THAT will be my exercise for the rest of the month thank you very much.

The flight to Bangkok was 4 and a half hours, but it was uneventful and getting to Thailand finally was an amazing feeling. I arrived 1 am in Bangkok and my next flight to Ko Samui was not till 7 so I will be waiting for a few hours with some Coke and a smile.  On a side note the bathrooms here are amazing! Here are some pics of the trip:

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